A Polish company

with international reach

For SAZ brand from the very beginning were close to two values: ambition and profesionalism. Today SAZ company is leading manufacturer of furniture accessories notorius for haigh quality services, reliability and promptness. Currently, the brand is collaboring with noted Polish and international leaders of furniture's market.


Large production capacity by dint of modern machinery park

  • Technology
  • Production
  • Machine park

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The "SAZ" company started its activity in 1989. Engineering department is creating by the adept specialists with years experience. Continually they improve and verify courses of manufacturing systems. Solutions created this way provide company and its products competitive edge on demanding worldwide market.


quality control

Over the past 25 years, the "SAZ" brand has developed stringent product quality control procedures. We use them at every stage of the design and production of furniture accessories. The quality of our products is checked in independent research units. We co-operated with, for example: Laboratory TUV Rheinland LGA GmbH , Laboratory Proton Sweden, Laboratory ITTC, Institute of wood technology

Long-term cooperation with the giants of the furniture industry is the best confirmation that the offer signed with the "SAZ" brand meets international standards.